Papa Pete’s Meet

Another one I am way behind on. I swear, one day I’ll slow down long enough to keep this updated. The Papa Pete’s meet was the first official Dirty Germans meet this year. We held it at Papa Pete’s pizza in Centralia WA. We chose this location because we are based out of Tacoma and wanted a nice location where Portland and Tacoma could come together.

It was a great turnout for us, of course these things could always be bigger but I was happy with the turnout. Considering we are a small club and this is the first year we’ve really tried to reach out for recruits. 🙂 That means I’m talking to you Papa Pete’s attendees. 😉

I saw a bunch of people that I’ve seen through the years and met plenty of new faces. We had some good beer, some good pizza, and shared some good stories. Got rid of some shirts and gave away a bunch of stickers. That spells success right? These are the kind of meets we love to have and will continue to host throughout the rest of the year. Hope to see you guys out there!